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Apple won’t have to bare the shame of acknowledging that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad. For now

July 27, 2012
samsung did not copy the ipad

As you might now, Apple suffered a humiliating defeat in court a couple of weeks back, when British judge Colin Birss ruled that Samsung has not infringed on the design of the iPad with the Samsung Galaxy Tab (apparently, the Tab is “not as cool”). Moreover, it was later revealed that Apple suffered an even more crushing blow, although this one would only affect its vanity.

Apple has been ordered by the court to publicly acknowledge that Samsung did not copy the iPad, by posting a notice on its website (and keeping if for six months) and paying for a similar advertisement in several British publications.

In other words, Apple was forced to admit failure, in a very public and humiliating way. Fortunately for the company’s fans, Apple still has a chance to avoid the embarrassment, if it manages to win the appeal to the trial, which is supposed to be heard in October.

Tim Cook’s company obtained a stay on the ruling issued by Judge Birss, arguing that the public announcements that it was ordered to make would be free advertising to Samsung, and therefore damaging to its finances.

So, we’ll have to wait till October to watch Apple’s walk of shame (hopefully!)