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And just like that, the Apple vs Samsung partial retrial is over. The jury in San Jose reached a verdict today, after it began deliberations on Tuesday.

The verdict is in Apple’s favor: Samsung was ordered to pay approximately $290 million for infringing five of Apple’s patents, including one that referred to the design of the original iPhone. The jury found that Samsung infringed its rival’s intellectual property on 13 devices, most of them no longer on sale. While the $290 million award is significantly lower than the $380 million that Apple requested, it’s still a hefty sum and way more than what Samsung said it should pay, which was just $52.7 million.

The retrial that concluded today was ordered by Judge Lucy Koh last year, after she found that the jury from the 2012 trial miscalculated the amount of damages that Apple was entitled to. Koh maintained $600 million of the original $1.05 billion award, and ordered a retrial for the remaining $450 million.

The new verdict brings the award that Samsung will have to pay (if it loses the upcoming appeals) to a grand total of $890 million. It’s likely that the Korean conglomerate will keep fighting, and there’s still a long way until the legal proceedings in this case are finalized.

Apple and Samsung are engaged in several other legal spats, with another high-profile trial involving the Galaxy S3 and other recent Samsung devices set to begin in March 2014. Until then, the CEOs of the two companies will meet for court ordered peace talks, early next year.

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