One of the 2012 rumors that kept coming back is the one that kept saying Apple is building its own Apple TV, you know, an actual HDTV, not another iteration of its Apple TV box, which it still treats like a hobby.

But Apple has not come forward with any Apple HDTV revelations yet, and considering we’re in mid-November already, the company is probably not going to hold any major product-announcing event this year.

However, an analyst is describing this unannounced Apple TV product as imminent, according to Business Insider.

Jefferies analyst James Kisner talked with cable tech company Arris to estimate how an Apple TV would impact its daily operations:

“Our discussions with industry contacts suggest that at least one major N. American MSO is working to estimate how much additional capacity may be needed for a new Apple device on their broadband data network. We believe this potentially suggests an imminent launch of the Apple TV,” says Kisner.

Unlike the mobile industry, the TV business may be a tougher nut to crack for Apple, or anyone else trying to launch new TV-related products. Therefore, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what Apple’s approach to television would be, if such reports are accurate, especially if the iPhone maker plans to bring content over broadband to Apple TVs rather than regular cable companies.

Naturally, we can’t disregard Google’s own TV-related product called Google TV, which isn’t a Google-made television set but a platform for TVs that does work with a variety of modern TVs. However, despite being deployed since late 2012, Google TV failed to attract significant attention, and while there are plenty of Google TV-ready products out there, some of the more popular than others, they’re certainly not selling according to Google’s wishes.

Will the following years have us talking about a new Apple TV vs Google TV competition? We’ll just have to wait and see, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen. In such a case we’d definitely expect that the smartphones and tablets of the near future will certainly have plenty of ties with their corresponding TV products.  What boxes do you currently have attached to your HDTV?

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