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Apple tried to bully retailers into stopping sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus

July 14, 2012

It looks like Apple is taking no prisoners in the battle against one of its fiercest competitors in the industry. Following the rulings made by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh that paved the way for the injunction on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Nexus, FOSS Patents came upon documents that showed just how Cupertino has been spending their time: sending out intimidating letters to retailers to stop selling Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus.

The letters apparently were sent shortly after Apple got the ruling they wanted from the court and in early July – right before a higher appeals court ordered the ban on the Galaxy Nexus to be temporarily lifted pending further hearing.

In the letter, Apple quoted part of the ruling that said that the injunction applies not only to Samsung, but also to anyone “acting in concert” with them. Responding to the threatening letters, Samsung said that third-party retailers should be “permitted to sell their existing inventory, even without a stay,” because they aren’t subject to the prohibitions of the preliminary injunction.

Legal technicalities aside, retailers like Sam’s Club told The Verge that they are still selling the tablet while evaluating the injunction order, which is as good as asking Apple to talk to the hand. Best Buy seems to have stocks of the tablet and phone as well.

If there’s one positive thing about Apple’s hostile stance against Android, which seemingly now have crossed over to retailers, is that it’s brought the community closer – with Google reportedly leading the way – against Apple’s effort to stymie competition through their lawyers. We imagine it’ll also actually make people long for the Galaxy Nexus and the Tab 10.1. Well, maybe more of the former.