Apple sue HTC

In the last few days the news broke that Apple was suing HTC over patent infringments, some of which date back to the 90s. Initially, it was not clear as to why Apple have gone out on a limb to do this, but it has now become clear. As Engadget note, Apple’s patent infringment claims are really all Android related, and not really anything to do with HTC. It becomes clear that Apple have no gripe with HTC over their WinMo phones, but in truth they only care about the Android ones.

For those that want to cut to the chase, if Apple win this lawsuit, then it sets a precident which would entitle Apple to automatically win against any other manufacturer that used Android in similar ways in their hardware. At the moment it is not entirely clear as to whether it is the way in which HTC have utilized Android in their hardware, or whether it is Android themselves. My guess is the former as otherwise a lawsuit would have been sent to Google instead. Good luck with that. For a copy of the filling made by Apple to the International Trade Commissionhead on over to Engadget here.

and the Android sets are repeatedly called out for infringing certain patents
James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.