apple Credit: Richard Masoner/Flickr

Just like millions of eager customers and techies, Apple shareholders have also been on their feet in anticipation of Samsung’s big unveiling of the Galaxy S4 – but of course for a completely different reason.

In essence, they’re looking for signs and reasons whether to keep betting on Apple or to jump ship before things take a turn for the worse.

Upon hearing what analysts have to say of the phone, frown lines seemingly turned into smiles, as they learned that the Galaxy S4 may not be that too big of a threat after all, or at least even more so than it already is. The proof is in the stock market, as Apple’s stock moved up 2.58% to $443.66 yesterday even when the rest of the market was down.

It’s not that the Galaxy S4 is a total dud, but the world was waiting for something more mind blowing. “We believe the S4 will certainly sell well and it is incrementally negative for Apple,” said Jefferies analyst Peter Misek. However, he adds that it’s not a revolutionary device.

That type of talk alone was apparently enough to send Apple’s shares up.

The real battle hasn’t even started though. With Samsung’s marketing prowess and the humungous customer base for the Galaxy S series, the Korean may not necessarily need a revolutionary phone to capture an even bigger share of the market. In case you’re wondering, Samsung is aiming to move 10 million units of Galaxy S4 per month, with overall sales expected to top 100 million units.