Apple and Samsung are embroiled in a massive legal war that spans continents. From Tokyo to San Francisco, with detours all across Europe, the two giants are duking it out  in courtrooms. The stakes are huge (to the tune of billions), and the winner has the potential to get hold of the market for years to come.

In South Korea, a judge recently ruled that both Samsung and Apple are guilty of infringing the rival’s patents and ordered the two companies to pay each other relatively small amounts as damages. The judge also issued injunctions against the devices that featured infringing features, but the ban will have little practical effect because the devices in question are no longer available for sale.

There’s a new development happening on in South Korea on the legal battlefront. The country’s top antitrust watchdog, the Fair Trade Commission, has opened an investigation into Samsung’s alleged anticompetitive practices.

According to the Korean Maeil Business Newspaper, the FTC commenced the investigation based on a complaint from Apple. The Cupertino-based company claims that Samsung is abusing its dominant position in the industry, namely its patents concerning 3G technology.

Maeil says that the FTC has already reviewed a set of documents provided by Apple, and that the complaint was first filed in June.

It’s difficult to predict the outcome of this new legal action or if it will have any impact whatsoever on the customers in Korea or abroad. We’ll keep you posted.

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