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UK judge forces Apple to publicly acknowledge that Samsung did not copy the iPad

July 18, 2012
samsung did not copy the ipad

Oh, sweet irony… Remember last week’s decision by UK judge Colin Birss who ruled that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is “not as cool” as the iPad, and not infringing on Apple’s designs?

Well, as it turns out, there is some major insult added to the injury for Apple. According to Bloomberg, Judge Birss ordered the Cupertino-based maker of the iPad to publicly acknowledge that Samsung has not copied its designs when making the Galaxy Tab. Apple will have to publish the announcement on their UK website and keep it live for six months. Also, they will have to publish the same acknowledgement in several British newspapers and magazines. There is no word yet on the contents of the acknowledgement. May I suggest “Samsung didn’t copy the iPad and we will stop stifling competition with lawsuits” repeated a hundred times?

In Birss’ opinion (which we salute), this public acknowledgement should repair some of the damage made by Apple’s repeated statements about Samsung stealing their designs. It appears that Samsung did try to obtain an injunction order that would bar Apple from ever publicly accusing the design of the Galaxy Tab again, but the UK justice denied it.

According to an Apple lawyer, the decision is prejudicial to the company, because it basically amounts to Apple having to do some free advertising to Samsung’s product. Yep, that about covers it.

All we can say is a big kudos to Judge Birss!