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Apple hoping to add Samsung Galaxy S4 to its spring 2014 patent trial

The next major patent battle between Samsung and Apple is set for spring of 2014. The battle will see Apple accuse 22 devices of patent infringement. If Apple gets its way, that will include Samsung's latest Galaxy S4.
May 14, 2013

Legal battles over patent infringement happen all the time, but most of these cases don’t hold a candle to the complexity of the Samsung and Apple patent wars. Not only are the Sammy/Apple battles fought fiercely (and globally), there are also passionate fans on both sides, rooting for their favorite player.

As Apple and Samsung gear up for their latest battle in California (planned for Spring 2014), Apple is looking to add yet another device to their list of 22 Samsung devices that allegedly infringe on Apple patents. So what’s the latest device to gain entry to Apple’s infringing device club? You guessed it, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung recently released its newest smartphone, the Galaxy S4, which began shipping in late April 2013. Based on Apple’s analysis of the Galaxy S4, Apple has concluded that it is an infringing device and accordingly intends to move for leave to add the Galaxy S4 as an infringing product.

Judge Koh already feels that Samsung and Apple need to cut down the amount of devices involved in the case, but Apple is determined to see the Galaxy S4 added to the list. Apple has even offered to drop one of its other 22 Samsung devices and replace it with Samsung’s latest handset.

Meanwhile, Samsung is preparing a counterclaim of its own, currently with 22 Apple devices that are said to violate Samsung’s own patents, including devices such as the Macbook Air, the iPad, Apple TV and many others.

In short, the drama continues with both sides preparing all the ammunition possible to fight it out to the bloody end. The big question is: when is enough, enough? Devices like the Optimus G Pro look (somewhat shamelessly) like Samsung devices, but no lawsuit is brought up over the design.

Of course Apple and Samsung’s battles go way beyond the Korean electronic giant. For Apple, the real target is Google and its Android OS, Samsung just makes for an easier target due to its large share of the Android market.

What do you think of Samsung and Apple’s patent war, has it gone too far yet?