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Apple tries to add $707 million on top of its current winnings from Samsung

Well, just over a billion dollars isn't enough for Apple, who has filed with the courts to take an additional $700 million dollars from Samsung. When will this end? If Apple continues to follow the misguided anger of their former leader, until Android is dead.
September 23, 2012
Apparently, Apple isn’t happy with the billion dollars it won from Samsung. It’s bad enough that the trial was the worst thing to happen to Android since locked bootloaders, but even Apple guru Steve Wozniak thinks it’s a load of bull. Unfortunately, wiser heads won’t be prevailing in the Apple v Samsung battle.

Apple has filed to add $707 million in addition to its winnings from the last lawsuit. According to FOSS Patents, Apple is looking to get more money for additional patents that Samsung allegedly infringed upon along with Supplemental Damages. When everything is added together, the total additions will total $707 million.

To the surprise of no one, a permanent injunction for Samsung devices will be thrown in there as well. So not only will Apple get nearly $2 billion dollars in so-called damages from Samsung, but many of the Samsung devices we know and love would be permanently banned from the United States. Sadly, that process has already begun as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has already been banned.

When is Apple going to stop this thermonuclear war?

Unfortunately, not until Android is dead and gone. Thankfully, that’s a future that isn’t likely to happen. Even though Apple owns patents on silly things like bounce-back, there are other companies out there with far more impressive portfolios. In fact, there’s a pending lawsuit going on right now that targets both Google and Apple. Additionally, Apple ripped off a copyrighted clock and are in the process of being sued for that. It is essentially a teeter totter. Apple sues someone, then someone sues Apple.

This whole situation is a giant mess. Even as an Android fan, I’d much prefer to see these lawsuits come to an end. It isn’t because of the law that we consumers have the most technologically advanced mobile devices in history at our disposal. It is because these companies compete for our love and that leads to innovation. Unfortunately, as long as Apple keeps getting new patents, there will continue to be Apple lawsuits.

Just a few months ago, we all had a laugh when Apple decided to sue Samsung for using rounded rectangles. Since then, we learned that a shape we’ve all known about since our first geometry class costs about $1.7 billion. Here’s hoping the iPhone 6 doesn’t breathe air, otherwise we’re all in serious trouble. Do you think the courts will grant Apple the additional $707 million? Has this nonsense gone far enough? Let us know in the comments!