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For every Apple tweet today, Samsung Belgium is buying a pear

For every Apple related tweet today, Samsung Belgium has announced it will buy a pear as part of a charity to help out the local farmers.
September 9, 2014

Much of the tech world is now captivated by the latest Apple announcements (but we know better, right?), but that’s not stopping Samsung from having a little fun and stealing a tiny bit of limelight back — in Belgium at least.

Samsung Belgium has announced a campaign that says for every tweet related to Apple, they’ll donate a pear. The pears will be distributed (free of course) tomorrow at the Brussels-North railway station.

For those that are confused by the pear angle of this charity, right now Belgian pear farmers are facing a ban from Russia on the import of some foods (as are several other EU countries and the US). Russia happens to be one of Belgium’s biggest customers when it comes to pears, buying $127 million in pears each year. Obviously not having Russia as a customer is making things tough for farmers everywhere in the country. This is a clever way of bringing attention to a real issue facing the country, while also diverting some attention away from Apple in the process.

What do you think of this kind of charity-focused ‘advertising’? Certainly a lot more tasteful than Samsung’s ice bucket challenge, right?