In the ongoing saga of Apple versus Samsung, it seems there could be a solution to this mess earlier than expected. We are all aware of the $1 billion verdict in Apple’s favor, and the subsequent request by Apple to have those Samsung products in question banned. There was also a lesser-discussed matter regarding search technology pertaining to Siri, which makes the scope of a second Apple patent suit against Samsung.

At a hearing yesterday in a San Jose courtroom, Judge Lucy Koh asked attorneys for both sides if the search technology case should be included with the other. Judge Koh believes a single verdict may cover all matters, which Samsung attorney Victoria Marouis agreed with.

Apple attorney William Lee disagreed, noting the search technology case involved patents not covered in the other suit. Apple’s position is that both cases should carry on independently and parallel to one another. This, friends, is where you shake your head and sigh.

Judge Koh suggested that the search lawsuit be put on hold while waiting for the appeals court’s decision in the first one. That ruling won’t arrive sooner than September, with the Siri lawsuit set to start in March 2014. The judge asked both sides to discuss her proposal, then report back on March 7.

Unfortunately, Apple seems intent on seeing this through the long way, and Samsung has no interest in playing nice. It looks like this one will drag out slowly and painfully for everyone, as the “litigate not innovate” train rolls on.