Apple iPhone

When it comes to product loyalty, Apple is known for having fans that stick by the company’s side no matter what. In fact, a 2011 survey conducted by Strategy Analytics suggested that 93 percent of Apple smartphone owners planned to buy a new iPhone down the road. Fast forwarding to 2012, how do things look? Actually the percent of happy iPhone owners has managed to drop down by 5 percent in the United States.

Going down to 88 percent might not seem like that big of deal, but it does paint a picture that many Apple users just aren’t happy with what the Cupertino-based company is producing these days. It is also worth noting that the study says only 75 percent of iPhone users in Western Europe plan on buying another Apple iPhone, which is down from 88 percent in 2011.

So what is causing this change in Apple loyalty? Strategy Analytics says that that it is due to negative press and a perceived lack of innovation from Apple in recent products. The recent lawsuit wars have also likely helped add to the notion that Apple sues first and innovates second.

The bottom-line is that some Apple users have removed their rose-tinted glasses and realize there are alternative products that work in a similar matter to the iPhone, or even better, but at a generally lower price point. This includes devices such as the LG Nexus 4, which might not score as high as the iPhone 5 when it comes to benchmarks but does manage to be very competitively priced. Many of us just don’t fit into Apple’s one-size-fits-all approach. This isn’t necessarily knocking Apple or calling the iPhone 5 bad, the Apple economy and locked down approach just doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Are you a former iPhone user? If so, what made you switch from Apple to Android?