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Apple takes a page out of Android’s playbook, predictive typing and 3rd party keyboard support come to iOS 8

Apple has just taken the veil off iOS 8 bringing several new (to iOS) changes, including 3rd party keyboard support and a new predictive typing keyboard.
June 2, 2014

It’s a magical day in the Kingdom of Apple, as the Cupertino giant has finally unveiled iOS 8 — the next iteration of its mobile OS. While iOS 8 might not make tons of changes in the looks of the OS this time around, there are quite a few new features and improvements under the hood.

As you’ve probably guessed, for those that rock Android devices, many of these revolutionary additions aren’t anything new. This goes doubly for iOS 8’s new QuickType keyboard, which comes with predictive suggestions that allows it to guess what word you’re going to type next. Now to be fair, there was already iOS autocomplete functionality in the past, but QuickType takes things a step forward by actually learning a bit more about typing habits.

This isn’t anything new to Android users that have seen pretty much seen all of QuickType’s features within Android keyboard, SwiftKey, Swype and countless other 3rd party solutions. On the plus side for Apple’s keyboard, the predictive functionalities will not at all rely on the cloud, something they claim they are doing to “better protect user privacy”.

Part of the reason that Android’s keyboard options are so much better probably has to do with the fact that Android makes it easy to switch your default keyboard. Likely hoping that taking a more open approach to keyboards allows them to better catch up in this department, Apple’s second keyboard related announcement is 3rd party keyboard support. The new change will make it easy for iOS users to pick keyboards from other companies, instead of being stuck with Apple’s keyboard as the default solution.

It seems a little funny to think that Apple is only now getting 3rd party keyboard support and predictive keyboard functionality, two common ‘features’ of the Android world. Still, this is admittedly a step in the right direction for Apple. Of course, it’s probably only a matter of time before a few of the less informed iOS fans out there claim that Apple invented predictive functionality. At least we know the truth.