It looks like the fun soap opera between Apple and Samsung isn’t going to slow down any time soon, folks. Most unfortunate for Android fans in Australia, the latest iteration in the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung has resulted in Samsung being told to halt sales and advertising of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 until the Korean company gets court approval that it may do so — or until the suit is resolved itself.

According to Bloomberg, due to differences between the US and Australian versions of the Android tablet, Samsung is required to present the device to Apple at least seven days before its planned launch. Apple is claiming that the US version of the tablet infringes on ten of the company’s patents.

So, we bring this to you dear reader – do you think it’s true? Is Samsung guilty of infringing on Apple’s designs, intellectual property, and patents? Of course, few among us are qualified to make a truly qualified statement, but still – what are your thoughts?

A hearing has been set for August 29 to review the status of the case and set a trial date if necessary, so until then, it’s looking like no Galaxy Tab 10.1 for those down under.

It looks like this legal battle isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. I wonder if it will affect the long term business relationship between Samsung and Apple. It’s rumored deep in the rumor mines that Samsung is getting very close to perfecting a high resolution Super AMOLED Plus (Super AMOLED Plus HD) display for tablets, and that Apple CEO Tim Cook has visited the big S in Korea to discuss securing a large purchase for use in the upcoming iPad 3. Maybe they should scrap those plans now.

Via BusinessWeek

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