A U.S. appeals court has just issued a rather brief order basically telling Apple to take a hike after it tried to request a revival of last year’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus sales ban as part of an ongoing patent dispute. As you may already know, the Galaxy Nexus sales ban first went into effect last year and then it was subsequently lifted after a successful appeal on Samsung’s part.

Since the LG Nexus 4 has already taken over as the latest flagship Android smartphone from Google, the Galaxy Nexus has pretty much been end-of-life’d. But evidently, that’s not enough to stop Apple from including it in its latest court appeals.

For now, you’re going to be able to buy the Samsung Galaxy Nexus wherever it is still available in the U.S. Some people will likely view that as a very good thing, what with its successor being particularly difficult to purchase at the moment. A report on Reuters notes that Apple could try its luck with the Galaxy Nexus sales ban revival by appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court itself, but it probably still won’t succeed.

If you’re an owner of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, this doesn’t really affect you in the slightest. But it might make for some light-hearted entertainment while you get busy with your handset, playing with all those over-the-air updates and such. And don’t forget to grab some popcorn while you’re at it. This will take a while.

David Gonzales
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