For the masses who believed that the iPhone was the king of sales – check out what Samsung is now so proud of. According to recent reports, Samsung is now the new leader in the Smartphone business, with approximately 20 million smartphones that were sold in Quarter 3 alone, according to the Wall Street Journal. With these statistics, Samsung is now up 500% from last year, in Quarter 2 sales.

It’s not surprising, since Samsung sold a total of 30 million sold smartphones from in their Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 lines since launch, due to their constant upgrade in technology and styling. The Samsung Galaxy S2 currently carries a 1.5GHz processor, leading other manufacturers.

Compared to Apple’s iPhone, which recently revealed that 17.1 million iPhone’s were sold in quarter 3. And, even though the iPhone 4S is likely to be one of the largest device launches in history, I believe that Samsung’s lineup will keep themseleves above water.

But, lets not stop there. Samsung will be releasing a new dual-core beast on the market as we all know, called the Galaxy Nexus. This “should”, without question, boost Samsung’s chance on winning over new and other existing customers.

How large do you think the Galaxy Nexus pre-orders will be? How about sales? I would love to hear your comments on Samsung’s success.

Credits: Image by Fraser Ntukula

Via:  WSJ

Will G.
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