Alright guys, time to set the record straight! Apple released the origjnal iPhone a long time ago, and it undeniably broke new ground. The iPhone was an amazing piece of hardware, and has since turned into a nice fat cash cow for them, and they definitely have not kept pace with innovation. This is where Android has trumped Apple’s best big time – innovation. Sure, it’s not a fair fight, but who cares?

Well, it looks like Apple is not content sitting idly by, watching all of this incredible Android adoption, which is turning into a global phenomenon. Firstly, they’re probably going to release a cheaper variant of the iPhone to keep their investors happy. Secondly, they’re going to be massively upgrading iOS to include some inherently Android-esque updates.

TUAW has reported this:

“iOS 5 expected to… feature a “completely revamped” notification system and widgets. Apple has long been rumored to be revamping its notifications system in iOS, and many have expected that such a notification system revamp would make its way into iOS 5.

The widgets functionality is somewhat a new concept, however. Besides TechCrunch’s mention that there will be iOS widgets, nothing else is known about what they’ll look like or what function they’ll perform. MacRumors postulates that iOS widgets could “presumably provide quick access to information without the need for launching dedicated apps, much the same as Dashboard widgets in Mac OS X.” They might also function similarly to a pretty cool concept video of how widgets might work in iOS.

Check out this concept video. Does it remind you of anything?


We’ve got a lot of respect for Apple, and they have made some pretty decent products that are good for certain people. Still, the fact that they are taking some big pages out of the book of Android clearly demonstrates that they are falling behind the curve of the rapid pace of innovation of today. We hate to break it to you Apple, but widgets are not a new concept, but rather something you’ve denied your user base for far too long.

I mean seriously, I would not want to try and compete with the legions of incredible Android dual-core superphones. In some ways, I actually feel bad for Apple.


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