Samsung Apple

Apple has filed a litany of patent infringement charges this month against Samsung, and the Galaxy S4. Those claims, which reference unified search, have to do with the Galaxy S4 and its inclusion of Google Now. Apple is litigating against Samsung for using the technology, not Google for designing it, which Apple coyly asserts infringes on their Siri platform.

Apple has included such claims before, and these same arguments are being made in ongoing litigation with Samsung. They’re making the claim that those current arguments against Galaxy devices also apply to the Galaxy S4, and further imply it should be cobbled into the litigation.

Apple continues to confound us. In one instance, they’ve included Google apps and services on their devices, even Google Now (though it’s buried in the Google Search App). Then we have Apple suing Samsung for utilizing the very same technology. The issue seems to be the utility of Google Now, not the use. These issues relate to unified search and the quick search functions, not so much the actual technology.

This same type of claim was made against the Galaxy Nexus (you may remember the temporary sales ban), and overturned. Apple hasn’t yet figured out a gameplan to overcome that hurdle, so it’s reasonable to think the same applies here. We’re not quite sure what Apple’s goal is, either. Samsung has deep pockets, and no intent to submit.