The Samsung versus Apple trial in California has certainly been an interesting ride for both companies involved, and all of us looking in, as well. The time is soon coming for the jury to take the case into deliberation, although it’s really tough to say which side is going to come out on top. As things wrap up, Judge Lucy Koh insisted this morning that the CEOs of both companies meet one last time in attempts to reach a settlement outside of the court.

Koh says that see doesn’t want to waste either company’s time, but feels that both sides are in possible danger. As such, an outside agreement might be the best solution. Apple and Samsung have agreed to the meeting, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can come to any type of agreement.

While Apple has hit hard at Samsung during the trial, Samsung equally presented a relatively strong case that Apple itself is guilty of the same kind of “stealing”¬†that it is accusing Samsung of doing. I would both love and hate to be part of the jury if this reaches that point. What do you think, is this going to go all the way or is a settlement imminent?