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How many apps do you use per month?

Android users have access to over a million applications in the Google Play Store, but do we take full advantage of what we have at our disposal?
July 1, 2014
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Android users have access to over a million applications in the Google Play Store, but how much do we take advantage of this substantial number of tools we have at our disposal? We have very few adventurous users around. Most people tend to stick to apps they already know, and recent studies prove most only use about 24-27 apps per month.


This is an average, of course, but it is actually a bit surprising. 27 is not a bad number considering how many users sport Android devices. At first glance it would seem like most are “casual users” who don’t need more than a few apps and social networks to survive.

Even more surprising are the numbers in blue, which indicate how many hours a month users spent using these apps during Q4, 2013. The number is growing rapidly, with the last month accounting for 30:15 hours. We can thank Facebook and Google apps for most of that usage. In fact, most of that time is spent with entertainment, search, portals and social apps.


Age does seem to matter in this subject. This study states users between ages 25-34 have more apps, while those between 18-34 happen to spend the most time using these apps.

Without considering app testing (for work), I happen to be a very moderate app user. Looking at my app drawer, I would say I use under 20 apps per month, on a regular basis. We wanted to take this opportunity to see just how accurate this data is. Would you agree with these numbers? Or are you one of the odd users, like me?