Weatherbug (left), TripAdvisor (center) and Twitter (right)

In today’s app update roundup, the TripAdvisor and WeatherBug apps get new, revamped looks, while Twitter offers you the possibility to see what’s trending around the world.

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights

app update

The new TripAdvisor Hotels Flights app update gives it a totally revamped, fresher look. It’s much more pleasant to the eye and much nicer to use.

In the new version (3.0.1), you can see larger photos and view videos and you can also add places to review straight from the app. Another new thing is that currencies can be switched from the settings menu.

TripAdvisor remains one of the best apps for planning trips, getting details about a certain location, or finding out quickly what to visit when in a new place.


app update

TripAdvisor isn’t the only app that brings a new look and feel to its interface, as WeatherBug also has a new face, and it’s a pretty elegant one.

The interface has been redesigned, using dynamic live tiles and some nice swiping navigation. That way, switching between weather forecasts for the current moment or the next seven days, for example, is done using a simple screen swipe.

Dynamic tiles can also be arranged however you want, for easier access to the information you want to find. The new app update also comes with the possibility to choose your favorite background theme, so you can feel at home in the app, as well as with a photo section.

You can watch a video showing off the new interface below.


app update

Finally, Twitter also has an update to its Android app, which comes with a few useful new things.

No new interface here (as Twitter has redesigned its app’s interface just recently), but there still is something you’ll love, if you’re a Twitter fan, and that’s Trends close to you or around the world. In the Trends screen, you can now click the menu button and choose the location you want to view trends for.

Twitter also thought that you may need quicker access to settings and to the account switcher, so you can now get to them using the Settings button on the main screen.

The mandatory “bug fixes and other improvements” are also part of the update.

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