evernote poweramp

Are you hungry? I mean, right now… are you? Whether you are or not, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about food. Evernote knows that, and they’ve got you covered.

Evernote food has always been a neat way to photograph and otherwise keep track of your favorite dishes, restaurants, or culinary creations. With the new 2.0 update to Evernote food, Android is now on par with its iOS counterpart. A refreshed UI, as well as a few new features, take your food obsession to a new, digital level. Now you can do everything from take photos to book a table at your favorite eatery with Evernote Food!

If music is your thing, PowerAmp has a cool new update as well. Their widget has been re-imagined, and can do a whole host of cool, new stuff. It has a customization option, as well as 15 pre-made styles to choose from. Widgets will also resize, and tablets with Android 3.1 or better can manually resize them.

Much like HD Widgets, the customization is really thorough. Everything from background color to font can be altered, making for a truly personal experience. Album art also looks much richer, with the new 24-bit RGB choice.

Both updates are currently available, so look for them on your device. If don’t have Evernote Food or Poweramp, they can be downloaded from the Play Store right now!