If you’ve been using Amazon’s Kindle Android app for your book library then you may have noticed that a new update rolled out this morning, which brings a few noticeable changes to the Kindle experience.

Kindle for Android

The main focus of Amazon’s update is to improve the library experience, so they’ve added a few new features to assist navigation. Firstly, there are new options housed on a navigation pane on the left-side of the screen. This pane offers immediate access to sections of your books, documents, and news content.

Secondly, the main user interface has changed quite a bit, bringing it closer to what you’d find on the company’s Kindle Fire range of tablets. This redesign brings with it the rather handy “Carousel” feature on the app’s home page, which allows users to quickly swipe through recent read content in an effort to speed up searching for your favourite books. Kindle Fire owners have been using this feature for a while, but it’s nice to know that Amazon is committed to improving the standalone Android experience too.

Finally, the new Kindle update also lets users choose between displaying just locally-stored content or their entire cloud library, so you can avoid having to wait for books to download over slow data connection if you fancy reading something instantly. The update also includes a few bug fixes too.


Last in our update roundup today is AOL’s Moviefone app, which has moved on up to version 2.0.


Upon installing the update you’ll instantly notice an all new UI makeover, finally bringing the app into the modern day. This also means that there are changes to some of the ways in which users interact with the app. Rather than lists, the app now features a more standard tiled looking home screen, which fits a few more movies on the screen at once.

There are also changes to the information available when clicking on a film, which displays critics reviews and user rating much more readily, and again it looks a lot prettier than before.

Left: new, Right: old.

Source: Android Police   Left: new, Right: old.

The Moviephone update has also introduced mPoints rewards, where you can earn points for the things you’re already doing, such as watching trailers, visiting the app regularly, etc.

There are also a couple of bug and stability fixes to help avoid those irritating crashes. You can pickup the latest version of Moviephone from the Google Play Store.

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