A couple of applications that provide similar convenience whilst using your phone’s accelerometer are AutoConference by Pythonistas and Silencer by Bruno Albuqurque.  AutoConference allows you to toggle speakerphone by simply holding the phone with the screen facing up or placing it on a flat surface in the same direction.  Silencer does something similar, but equally impressive.  Place the phone screen facing down on a flat surface and it will automatically put your phone in silent mode.  While both of these apps are relatively simple in terms of features, the usefulness and ease of each make them both must have applications for your device.  Hit the jump for a more detailed look at each.

AutoConference is an app that uses your accelerometer in a simple, yet very clever way to automatically put your phone into speakerphone mode.  No longer will you need to pull away from the conversation to find the smallish speakerphone button on the Android interface to hear your conversation out loud.  It works seamlessly and is very responsive, while providing a very minimal, almost unnoticed battery consumption increase.

Features are light but other than adding a toggle widget, and possible volume control, I don’t see many settings that would make sense in this app.  The app is free so there is really no excuse for passing up this little gem.

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Silencer is similar to AutoConference, yet it puts your phone in silent mode when placed screen side down in your hand or on a flat surface.  I use this in meetings quite a bit as it saves me from forgetting to silence my phone and having that embarrassing interruption occur.  It is very intuitive and the app gives you a warning, medium single vibrate so that you know it has been activated to and from silent mode.  There are 2 settings for the app which include the ability to have it auto start after any reboot, and a toggle for full silent mode or vibrate.  Even if vibrate is turned off, the warning vibrate still occurs if you activate the silent mode, I think this was a good idea.

Users have tested battery life consumption and have noticed an unofficial 4% increase, which to me is definitely worth the trade off.  This app is also free and is definitely worth the download.

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As you can see these apps compliment each other very well and, besides wowing your non-Android carrying friends, provide great convenience with top notch execution to provide seamless transitions to speaker phone and silent modes.  Do as I have and spread the word, the Marketplace needs more intuitive apps which use your device in non-conventional manners and these 2 are great examples to start with.