Wipeout Wipeout is a TV show on ABC that features people climbing, jumping, and otherwise making their way through difficult obstacles. After several rounds of elimination, the winner gets a cash prize. It’s a pretty popular show that’s caught on with a lot of people. Now, fans can partake in the action by getting the game Wipeout. It’s much like the show and fans will definitely enjoy it, but is it worth the $1.99 price tag? We’ll take a closer look. If you’d rather watch than read, the video is at the bottom of the article.

Wipeout Menus

The menu system is fairly standard for games. On the front menu you’ll have options to go to Season Mode, Time Trials, Tutorial Mode –also known as Audition Mode, Game Stats, and Options. Game stats, Audition mode, and options are pretty self explanatory.

In Time Trial mode, players can run through various stages and levels to learn how the obstacles work or just have fun. There isn’t the pressure of getting it in a certain time like in Season Mode. So if you’re having trouble in Wipeout, Time Trials is where you go to practice.

Season mode in Wipeout is where it’s at. There are a total of six events to choose from and each one has several difficulties. When you beat one, you’ll be promoted to a new class. Once promoted you can play the level again but it’s harder than before.

Wipeout Game Play

If you’ve ever seen the TV show, then you already know the premise of Wipeout. If you haven’t, you direct your character through a myriad of obstacles to a finish line. Any given stage has three rounds. In the first round, players must complete the obstacle course within a set time limit. In the second round, there is also a time limit. However, there is also a limit to how many times you can fall off the course. If you fall off five times, it’s game over. In the final level, players just have to make it within the time limit. The difference is that if you don’t, you still get 2nd or 3rd place and some prize money.

Character selection can be important depending on how you play. Each character has a speed, agility, and stability score that determines how fast they move, how high they jump, and how easily they’re knocked over. There are also helmets that can be equipped that deliver a range of special powers like the ability to slow down time to get through a particularly difficult obstacle or the ability to jump higher.

Game play itself is pretty simple. Players use their left hand to tap and drag the screen to move forward and backward. The right hand is used to tap and drag on the screen to jump, duck, and dive. Combined, players have all the tools required to navigate the obstacles.

The obstacles themselves are based on the game. Players will be met with swinging bars, helicopter blade obstacles, moving platforms, and the legendary big red balls that so many people have problems with. The game Wipeout is very much like the show in this respect and fans of the show have already seen most of this stuff before.

Wipeout Graphics

As stated in the video, the graphics are everything they need to be. The graphics are clear and there isn’t pixelation. Given the premise of the game, you can’t ask for much more than that so all and all, it’s adequate. Maybe a little more than adequate.

The design of the game itself is not bad. All the levels have a theme like Baseball or the Wild West and it helps keep the experience fresh. Obstacles are often re-designed to fit the level themes and that helps lend coherency to the game as a whole.

Character design in Wipeout is basic. There are a few customizations like being able to change cloths and the helmets can technically be considered accessorizing. Really, that’s all for the characters.

While it won’t win any awards, the graphics and design are definitely by no means bad.

Wipeout Replay Value

This won’t take long because there is no replay value. Once you’re done with the game, you’re done with the game. You can replay Season Mode levels to get more money or play Time Trials to perfect your time in levels. However, that’s about all you can do when the game is done.

Wipeout Overall Value

For $1.99, you could do a lot worse. Wipeout is definitely a fun game to play and will deliver hours of bone crunching fun. Fans of the Wipeout show will especially enjoy this game, as it pretty closely emulates the show’s general premise. The characters don’t really matter as much as the game itself, so no one should miss the lack of character customization. Levels in the game are challenging but playable and the various difficulties don’t add any difficulty to the levels. Rather, it forces players to play the same levels faster.

Of course, if you’re not into platformers then you probably won’t enjoy Wipeout. However, the 15 minute refund window is plenty of time to try out a Time Trial run to see if it’s for you. Worst case scenario, you get a few chuckles out of watching all the ridiculous ways the in-game characters can bend when they’ve been mowed down by an obstacle.

It should also be noted that there are hints from the developers that more content is coming. Six levels may be all you have right now, but future expansions could include new levels, new helmets, new characters, and other goodies to make the game interesting again.

So if you’re a fan of the show, this game is a can’t miss opportunity to play out the show you enjoy. Even if you aren’t, it’s still a pretty fun platformer. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can find it in the Google Play Store here.

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