Remember when old clocks used to signal every hour on the hour so that you always had a good idea of what time it was?  Thanks to TimeSignal, you can now experience this on your Android device.  TimeSignal is an app developed by Luck of Wise which does exactly what the name implies, signals the time.  This simplistic app takes very little battery life and has shockingly only been downloaded 100-500 times on the Android Market.

Users get to choose whether they want a the time spoken by an English woman’s voice, a Japanese woman’s voice or four different alarm clock sounding tones.  I would have loved to see the option of integrating your own custom tone or recording a tone for this but currently this is all you get.  The app also includes a vibration toggle, separate volume setting option that overrides the phone’s volume, and allows a start and stop time window so that you don’t have to hear the time spoken out loud at 3am.

I’ve experienced zero crashes on my Motorola Droid and am really starting to enjoy the robotic voice telling me the time every hour.  If you enjoy knowing what time it is or just want to get a funny look from a person who hears your phone speak to you every hour, download this app for free in the Android Market and tell use what you think.

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