SMS Popup is a must have app for anyone who isn’t already using a replacement messaging app on their Android device.  Unlike Handcent, this app has one goal, alert you to an SMS or MMS with a pop up screen displaying the message, and allow you the ability to reply quickly.  It does not replace the current Android messaging app but works together with it, and it does it very well.  When you receive a text message and you have SMS Popup enabled, your message will “pop-up” over everything on your screen, even if the phone is locked and the screen is off.  Users then have the ability to reply directly from the pop-up, close the message, or delete it.  There is also an option for quick reply, which users can preset in the settings menu to say such things as “yes”, “no”, “be right there” or anything the user desires.  A text to speech feature, which reads the text message out loud to you, is also available, although it is still a bit spotty and tries to sound out acronyms as words.

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SMS Popup obviously handles the pop-up part of the description quite well, but what else does it do?  How about total customization of notifications including vibration pattern, LED color, LED flash pattern, contact specific notifications, privacy mode, and reminders?  Regarding notifications, this app lets you customize in every way possible.  I’ve set some of my most contacted individuals to have their custom LED color, so when I receive a message from them, the LED will flash a certain color and I know whether or not it’s a personal message or a work related one.

Megan Fox wants to go to lunch

SMS Popup works in the background and adds convenience to an already sound messaging system.  At the grand price of free, there is nothing to lose on giving this app a try.  As soon as it installs it begins to work and has many of the notifications and settings preset to work very well.  If you installed this when it was first released, but didn’t think it packed enough features, I invite you to try it again as it has recently been updated to now include the text to speech function, quick reply,  and an integrated Google Voice reply button if you prefer to message with your Google Voice account.  With sound support and constantly improving updates, this app is worthy to be on your device and stay there.

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