Whether you’re the one deciding on where you and your friends will eat for lunch, or you’re the raffle facilitator for a corporate event, there’s no need to worry about tossing a coin or rolling pieces of paper.  Shake, Raffle and Roll is the app that can do all those for you. It’s a convenient version of the electronic raffle and is very useful for making decisions, as well as for situations that call for picking out a name from a fishbowl.

The mechanics are fairly simple. You need to input your choices, give your device a shake, and tap to reveal the answer. Now we have a whole bunch of raffle and ticket apps on the Market, but what differentiates Shake Raffle and Roll (or ShakeRaffleRoll) from others is that it has four modes:

Name Mode: This allows you to input a set of names of people, places, objects, etc., which the app can randomly chose from.

Number Mode: This mode requires you to type in a minimum and a maximum number (say your minimum is “1” and your maximum is “1000”). The app will then randomly pick a number for you within the limitations you set.

Face Mode: This is an interesting take on raffling. Take a group photo, and the app will randomly choose one area to zoom in to. Whoever is in that area is the chosen person.

CSV Mode: A pretty useful function, the CSV Mode reads from and enables you to load CSV files saved on your SD card. This definitely comes in handy if you have a long list of choices.

User Experience

Shake, Raffle and Roll has a neat and instinctive interface, but although the app instructs you to shake your device to reveal the answer, a simple tap will actually do (which sort of defeats the entire concept, but we digress). It’s also great that the app has the option to turn off its background music, since it still needs a bit of work.

All modes are easy and even fun to use, but although the Face Mode is interesting, it can’t really handle photos of large groups as the app only zooms in to a random area, but does not recognize faces. The CSV Mode is a definite favorite as it gives you the option to add as many categories as you want.

The Verdict

All in all, Shake, Raffle and Roll is a great raffling app that surpasses many of those currently in the Market when it comes to functionality. Try it out for yourself and download it here.