Gunslugs Back in the 90’s, everyone had at least one 2D shooter game. They were fun, they packed a lot of action, and it was something to do when you had a friend over to play video games. Titles like Contra and Gunstar Heroes were quite popular back then. It is now possible to relive those memories of button mashing, bullet dodging fun with a game called Gunslugs. It’s a game in the Google Play Store that you can pick up for $1.49. As usual, if you’d rather watch than read, we’ve posted our video review at the bottom.

Menus and Game Play

The menu system is quite simple. You select options from the title screen and from there you can check out the various options. They include Objectives, Controls, Music+Effects, and an option to connect a Bluetooth controller for two player mode. One neat feature is the ability to move the on-screen game controls to wherever you want them to be for an optimal gaming experience.

Gunslugs itself features a rudimentary story line about how you need to stop the Black Duck Army from taking over the world. If you’ve played one of these 2D shooters in the past, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. Level after level you’ll be destroying the bad guys and saving everyone. Nothing overly complicated.

Once in game, you jump, shoot, fly (sometimes), and walk your way through each level. Each round has a few objectives to complete, but it’s usually destroying a building. There are buildings you can get into that offer secrets like mini games, new weapons, ammo refills, and health regeneration. They appear pretty frequently but most require a certain number of coins.

At the end of the level, you helicopter out to safety before beginning the next stage. As OrangePixel states in their game description, Gunslugs is action packed. Bad guys are shooting at you before the level even starts, which makes Gunslugs all the more challenging.


OrangePixel seems to be emulating the 2D shooters of old and Gunslugs emulates this experience very well. That includes the graphics. They are definitely about as old school as you can get. Any older, and this game would’ve been displayed in text form. This isn’t a bad thing, though, as the game’s graphics help promote the nostalgic feel of Gunslugs in comparison to the games it is trying to emulate.

Bullets fired by either side are the same color, size, and shape. So sometimes it’s very hard to tell which ones are yours and which ones are theirs. Also, explosions aren’t very well defined and it’s easy to think you made it far enough away but still get caught in the blast. These elements don’t make the game annoying, but more challenging. Running from all explosions is a very good idea.

It’s no Contra, but the graphics suit the purpose of the game and aren’t so bad once you get used to them. However, it would have been nice to see something a little more detailed.

Replay Value

Gunslugs seems to do very well with replay value. Each level is relatively short and doesn’t take long to complete. This makes playing them a short endeavor that helps keep the game from being boring when you have to replay a level after dying. There are also unlockable characters, various weapons, and tools you can find in game that help each level be unique.

Nothing helps the replay value in Gunslugs more than its random level generator. According to OrangePixel, no two game sessions will ever be the same. So you can pick this up, get a few levels in and finally die. Play it again, and all the levels are different. This is a really awesome feature that helps keeps gamers engaged. Every time you play it, it’s like the first time you play it.

Between the unlockable characters, the various in-game items, and the random level generator, Gunslugs manages to stay fresh long after similar games would get boring.

Gunslugs Overall Value

There are a million ways to spend $1.49 that would be worse than Gunslugs. It’s action packed from start to finish with a myriad of weapons, items, and mini games to keep players immersed. The music and sound effects are circa 1990’s and, combined with the graphics, really helps add a nostalgic feel to the game.

Obviously, if you’re not into 2D shooters, then you won’t like this game. After all, it’s a 2D shooter. If you are into these types of games, then there is definitely a good case to be made to at least try it out. With its constant mayhem, you’re literally never left just standing there wondering what to do. Really, who could ask for more in a video game?

If you’d like to grab it up, you can find it in the Google Play Store here.

Joe Hindy

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