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App Review: Falcon Pro (for Twitter)

Today we take a closer look at Falcon Pro. It's a Twitter client app that brings some new features and ideas to Twitter clients.
February 18, 2013
Falcon Pro
Picking a Twitter client can be a difficult task. There are well over a dozen competent Twitter clients, each with their set of features. One of the newer ones, called Falcon Pro, is an up and coming twitter client with a lot of features and a unique UI. There is a free version and a paid version in the Google Play Store. The paid one costs $.99. As usual, if you’d rather watch than read, there’s a review video at the very bottom.


There are a variety of settings for Falcon Pro. To start with there are Sync and Notification settings where you can set up your notifications at will. There really isn’t anything here that you won’t find in any other Twitter client. That is, except the live stream setting. The live stream setting in Falcon Pro lets itself update in real time. So if you’re having a conversation with someone or you just want live updates, then just turn this setting on. The only downside is you must be connected to WiFi in order to make it work. This is likely for people who have data caps so they don’t go too far.

Display settings lets you set things like your theme, font, text size, etc. There’s nothing special in Display settings but you can use them to customize Falcon Pro to your specifications. Especially if you use custom fonts, as you can set the fonts to be the same as your system font.

User experience settings is definitely the most interesting. With this you can enable and tinker with some of the more unique and fun features of Falcon Pro. These include internal browser settings, a speed boost, and the ability to double tap tweets to perform actions on them. Some of these may not work on some devices. Especially those without hardware acceleration. So if you enable something and the app starts crashing, you’ll know why.

There is a menu item called Like Falcon Pro is a link to the Google Play Store where you can get a Falcon Pro add on for $1.99. It includes some feature expansions and custom backgrounds for your phone. It’s meant as a donate page for those who enjoy the app to give a little more if they want to.

The last real menu item is called Manage Mutes. With this, you can set keywords that Falcon Pro will use to ignore tweets. So if you say to ignore anything with Bieber, then any tweet with the pop star’s name will be muted and you won’t see it in your timeline. This is an excellent way to avoid topics that you don’t care about.


This application is a usability dream come true. You can roam around practically the entire application without a menu button. All you need is swipe actions and a back button to get back to prior screens. So there are no drop down menus to remember and everything is accessible from the front page.

On the front page itself, there are three buttons at the top. They are your timeline, mentions, and DM buttons. If you press the timeline button while you’re on the timeline, you’ll be transported to the top of your timeline. This is wildly useful for anyone who lets their tweets pile up and don’t want to spend several minutes scrolling to the top. To get to settings, favorites, retweets, and things of that nature, users can swipe left. To get to things like trending topics, search, and lists, they can swipe right.

Due to its ease of use and slick user interface, we really liked Falcon Pro for usability. You can open it and go literally anywhere within the app with just a swipe or a tap. Everything is well labeled and people won’t get confused using it.


Here is where Falcon Pro could use a little work. As it stands, users cannot update or edit their profiles. Also, there are many settings that are WiFi only such a live streaming. To top it all off, the widget is a separate download and not part of the app itself. This can get frustrating when you have to update two apps instead of one. So there are some bottlenecks that prevent truly smooth usage.

That said, everything else works very well. Checking and sending tweets is quick, retweeting and adding favorites is easy, and checking and sending DMs is easy as well. So people using this app will have no problem with the core features of Falcon Pro. Given the limitations mentioned above, some power users may end up checking elsewhere.

Falcon Pro Overall Value

Falcon Pro’s overall value is high. While the developers still have some work to do, this is definitely one of the top up and coming Twitter clients available. In a niche where Holo UI is a given and there isn’t a lot of difference in terms of choice, Falcon Pro is a breath of fresh air. It’s a clean app that’s very easy to use. It also happens to look pretty slick.

Despite the WiFi limitations, the separate widget app, and the lack of profile editing capabilities, we feel this app is worth the $.99. Or, at least, it’s worth checking out the free versions to see if you like it. On most devices, it should run pretty smooth too. The only discernible lag we were able to find came from scrolling through tweets. Let’s face it, there isn’t a phone or tablet out there that can scroll through 1100 tweets without lagging at least a little bit.

If you think Falcon Pro could be your next Twitter client, you can check it out at the Google Play Store here.