Clear Vision 2 We could all use a little more sniper rifles in our lives. Unfortunately, owning one is no fun since using them for their intended purpose is illegal in most situations. The good news is there are games for Android that allow you to have some sniper fun without going through the process of buying a sniper rifle. One such game is called Clear Vision 2 and it’s today’s app review. You can find it in the Google Play Store For $.99. As usual, if you’d rather watch than read, we’ve got the video posted below.

Game Play

Clear Vision 2 gets down to business with the game play. There is not much else in the game to do other look through the scope of your sniper and taking people down. Initially, gamers will start out in the kitchen of a house. There are some gimmicky things like a TV to tap on that takes you to a Google Play Store link to the first Clear Vision game. You can also read the newspaper to read about everyone you killed that day. Lastly, you can leave the house and pick new destinations to go to.

Once outside, you can go to a gun shop and, eventually, an underground boxing event where you can bet money. As the game progresses, a second area is unlocked that houses a better gun shop and a place to buy and sell stocks. The boxing and the stocks serve a singular purpose of helping players get more money so they can unlock all the snipers.

The core of Clear Vision 2, though, is accepting new jobs and shooting people. You check the computer for emails which is how clients contact you. There is some goofy spam mail too and it’s worth a chortle to read. Once you accept the contract, you select your sniper rifle and off you go. Do note that you do have to upgrade your sniper at least once because the first one isn’t powerful enough after a few missions.

Once the mission starts, you’re looking through the scope and looking for the person to kill. You’ll have to adjust your aim for distance and wind speed, which is actually a really cool little feature. It helps keep from being another game where you just center it in the cross hairs and fire. You’re supposed to discern your target from info given in the email. If not enough is given, sometimes there are transmissions mid mission to help you figure out who’s who.

After you perform the hit, you get paid and you return to your kitchen to do it all over again. This, the mini games, and the cut scenes help balance out Clear Vision 2 into a game that’s truly enjoyable to play through.

Graphics and Sound

There is nothing in Clear Vision 2 graphically that is impressive. All the people are stick figures, all the guns are silhouettes, and all the buildings are simply drawn. You won’t find anything graphically delightful. Clear Vision 2 makes up for it by being very lighthearted and it doesn’t take itself very seriously. This helps deal with the fact that the graphics aren’t very good. On badly drawn walls, there is crude and funny graffiti.

The snipers make sniper rifle sounds and the soundtrack does an adequate job at capturing the mood. Again, nothing breathtaking but the developer clearly didn’t mean for this to be a masterpiece in graphics and sound. It’s all about the killing people. This doesn’t make Clear Vision 2 a bad game in the slightest bit, but be aware that this isn’t Halo or Call of Duty where there are, you know, real graphics.

Replay Value

Simply put, Clear Vision 2 is a pretty short game. If you sit down, focus, and hammer it out, you can be done in about an hour. That is, done with the entire game. So to get your money’s worth, you will likely have to play through the game a few times. Since it does end so abruptly, most first time players probably won’t get everything unlocked the first time around. This can prompt a second play through to get all the items unlocked.

Of course, being short is a double edged sword. You can play through the game every day for a week if you so choose. However, after so many times around, it will get boring. We would’ve liked to have seen more missions and more stuff to unlock, but the game being so short means you can play it over and over again if you miss anything.

All in all, the shortness takes away a lot of the fun of the game. You really want to continue shooting people in the head and then the game ends. However, thanks to the game’s shortness, playing through it multiple times is quick so you can get your fix multiple times before it gets boring.

Clear Vision 2 Overall Value

Clear Vision 2’s graphics and sound aren’t everything they could be. Thanks to the lighthearted nature of the game, they don’t really have to be. So the graphics and sound are adequate given the scope of the game. However, we were disappointed with how short Clear Vision 2 was and we believe that people who aren’t sure whether they’ll like a game like this or not will be unnecessarily disappointed. It’s a really fun game, it just needed to be longer.

So we get to the core question. Is this game worth a dollar? Well, yes and no. If you’re not much into shooters to begin with, you won’t like this game. If you’re really into shooters and you like a lot of content in your games, you will like this game but may feel a little cheated by how short it is. If you’re someone who wants a game where you can snipe people and you don’t intend on playing it every single day, then you’ll likely enjoy the game and find it a good deal.

If Clear Vision 2 looks like your cup of tea, then head over to the Google Play Store to download it here.

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