Album Art Grabber is a neat little app by MyLittleBigApps that is built to do one thing, retrieve album art for your music files.  Chances are that if you have put music on your Android device, some of it will be missing the album art.  If this is the sort of thing that bothers you (I am one of those people) then this app is definitely worth the £1.19 (US$1.90).  A few of the key features that really stand out include the ability to pull album art from the internet or your SD card on a file by file basis, alternative album art browsing and assigning, the speed in which this app works its magic, and its overall ease of use.  Hit the jump for a more in depth look at how it actually works.

To start the art grabbing process, all one has to do is open the app, hit the setting button, and then hit the large “grab missing album art” button at the bottom of the screen.  Once you open the app, it will automatically display all of your albums.  After hitting the grab art button, it will begin in alphabetical order and start grabbing the art from the internet by default.  If you want to assign art from your microSD card, you have to long press on each album individually and choose that option as seen below.

Album Art Grabber's options

The app takes 2-5 seconds to go through each album and retrieve its art, if you have many albums loaded on your device, it could take a bit of time.  After completing, you will permanently have the art for your albums stored on your microSD card under a file named “album thumbs”.  This is convenient as you do not need to have an internet connection to have your art displayed.  If you add more albums after your initial grabbing session, the app is smart enough to only check the new albums.

Album Art Grabber's Interface

If you want to browse alternative art, just press on the album you wish to browse and it will allow you to scroll through any alternative art that it has found, where you can then set it as your default album artwork for that particular file.  For a perspective on accuracy I’ve listed some notables for found, not found, and incorrectly pulled art below.  Overall the app only seemed to have trouble with very obscure music and even most of that was pulled correctly in seconds.


  • Jay-Z: The Blueprint 3
  • Uffie: Hot Chick EP
  • Nujabes: Hydeout Productions Second Collection
  • MSTRKRFT: The Looks

Not found:

  • Street Fighter 3 New Generation OST
  • Various Remixes from the Discodust Blog
  • Ridge Racer 4 Direct Audio OST


  • Infinite (rapper): The app pulled the Smashing Pumpkins art for Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Album Art Grabber is a top notch app that just works.  With flexibility, ease of use, and the ability to rapidly pull off a task that would otherwise be a long and cumbersome activity, I recommend it any music lover or anyone who just plain likes organization to go get the app from the Android Marketplace and start enjoying a more organized music library.

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