The Android Market is practically bursting with a variety of apps to choose from. No one can resist the urge to download app after app. Unfortunately, downloading too many apps may lead to cluttering your device. When there are more apps than you can count or care to cycle through to find a specific app that you need, you might find App Man useful.

App Man is a comprehensive app management tool that lets you place up to 1,000 apps under customizable tabs and sub-tabs. From within each tab, you can even sort, launch or even uninstall apps.

When you start out, App Man gives you five main tabs: App Man, Tools, Games, News, and Entertainment. Except for the main tab of App Man, the rest of the tabs can be renamed and personalized with new icons. The way to do that is very easy: just tap Menu > TabIcons, and from there you can select which tab you’d like to customize.

App Man also has a search function that you can use to quickly find other apps. The app also lets you see your most-used or least-used apps. You can set the apps screen to show as either a list or a grid.

App Man also shows you detailed info about your apps, including version numbers and when an app was last updated. The app also provides a convenient starting point for finding apps that you want to remove from your device. However, it only allows removal of user-installed apps. System apps cannot be removed by the app.

Each tab in App Man has a settings button that you can use for adding, removing, or renaming sub-tabs. You also use the same button for listing an app under each tab. You can create up to 10 sub-tabs under each main tab or category. This can be very handy in organizing.

For instance, keeping a main category for Entertainment may work well if you have only about 20 or 30 entertainment apps. That number is still reasonably manageable. But, if you’re an app addict and you have hundreds (or maybe thousands) of entertainment apps, it may be more practical to organize them into sub-categories. So, you might have a sub-tab for Music, another one for Videos, a third one for Photos, and so on. Categorizing is really up to you.

If you’d like to start organizing your apps, you can download App Man free from the Android Market.

Carl Parker
We're all multi-talented and multi-faceted here, but, perhaps, Carl is the most multi-faceted in the bunch. Among Carl's many interests, Android holds a special place. He's particularly fond of reviewing Android apps and writing step-by-step guides for fellow Android fans.