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Google bringing app install ads to Search and Youtube, expanding app linking as well

Today Google announced plans to bring app install ads to Google Search and Youtube, as well as ads that connect directly to already installed Android apps.
April 22, 2014

Over the last few years, the web has become a rather mobile-centric place, and that’s led to changes not only in the way that many websites work, but it’s also had an impact on services such as Google Search.

Last year, Google began partnering with select app makers to offer an “open in app” button to Google Search results and earlier this month Google expanded this effort to include more apps and to launch in several markets outside of the United States. Now Google is bringing a few other app-related changes to Google Search and to Youtube.

Google is bringing a few app-related advertising changes to Google Search and to Youtube.

First, Google has announced it will offer “app install ads” on search and Youtube results, following similar moves by companies like Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook. Google says that businesses and developers looking to promote their apps will be able to target consumers based on data from Google Play such as what apps certain consumers use, how often they use them and even the purchases they make. Google will also be able to provide information on what keywords are more likely to generate an app download.

The second big change is the addition of “deep ad linking”. Deep linking is essentially an extension of the “open in app” button. In the near future, if you type in “last minute hotels in San Francisco” your results might include actual advertisement links to apps that you’ve already installed. Clicking on the “open in app” button on these ads won’t just launch the app, it will even take you to the relevant page or section. Other examples could include typing in a TV show title only to get a link to Hulu or Netflix prompting you to watch an episode now.

These new features will start rolling out over the coming months, and while they are aimed primarily at those looking to market their apps, they could also directly benefit Android users as well by recommending new apps while also providing relevant ads that link to a user’s already installed apps.

What do you think of this change? Is this a positive move, or does it just mean more ads and junk to sift through when using Google Search?