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App Eater - Indie app of the day

App Eater is an easy-to-use uninstaller app with an updated design and plenty of features. It's the best one out there, check it out!
August 14, 2014

What is App Eater?

App Eater is an uninstaller application that people can use instead of the system uninstaller. Many applications that do this haven’t been updated in any meaningful way since the Android dark ages and thus the UI always looks old and terrible. App Eater changes this by bringing a more modern design and some decent functionality that is actually useful.

App Eater utilizes a card UI in landscape mode and the current Android design standard (Holo, not Material yet) so it’s easy to use and pleasant to look at. There are also widgets that do a number of things including uninstalling the last installed application, the last updated app, and the most recently used app.

Aside from the basic uninstaller functionality, you can also easily access the last installed, last updated, and most recently used apps, batch uninstall apps, show app version, various sort options, and various other customization options. There are also a selection of options available for root users including uninstalling system apps (good for removing bloatware), disabling apps, and clearing cache and app data.

app eater review
Overall, this is a functional little application that makes uninstalling apps easier. For advanced users, they could probably get better functionality out of an app like Titanium Backup and using the system uninstaller. However, if you’re a newer user or you don’t want to deal with that stuff. It’s free to check out so give it a shot!