Like many things in life, apps are better enjoyed and more fun when shared with friends and those closest to you. And, what could be a better way to get the latest scoop on the hottest and most popular apps in the Android Market than getting app recommendations from friends and family? An amazing new app called AppAware lets you do just that–and more.

AppAware utilizes social networking to fetch recommended apps and games from the Android Market, as well as apps used frequently and recommended by your friends so you can try, share, bookmark, and comment on these apps. In turn, you can share and recommend apps of your choice, as well. Other features include being able to get app hints and tricks and report bugs to developers.

A cool homepage widget keeps you updated with the latest and most popular apps organized by categories, and a refined search tool can let you search for popular apps within a specific location or country. AppAware also lets you launch apps and games right from within the app itself for convenience.

The login screen allows you to link your AppAware account to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social networking accounts for more connectivity with your friends. Remember, the more social networking accounts you link, the more recommendations you’ll get.

The different buttons on the Apps page allow you to explore and discover apps in various ways. There are options to search apps according to location, categories, friend suggestions, or even get a random app recommendation. The search tool lets you search for specific apps by app name or user. The app’s page on the Android Market also includes information on which of your friends have installed or tried that particular app.

The Friends’ Feed page shows you a feed of your friends’ latest activity, plus top apps from a specific location or category. Your AppAware profile statistics are also shown, and a nifty Notifications bar, which can be dragged to the top of the display, prompts you of alerts.

Tap on a user’s profile photo to launch that user’s AppAware profile screen. You can then send your friend a message, visit that contact’s other friends, view bookmarked and installed apps, as well as your friend’s recent activities on the Android Market.

To remove a user from your friends list, just tap “Menu > Remove from your AppAware”. Tap on Menu > Settings to edit your AppAware profile, enable/disable notifications, and to allow the app to automatically update your Facebook/Twitter accounts whenever you install or try new apps.

Each app’s page shows you app details, screenshots, videos, user comments, Market ratings, and more. You can also easily share the app from its details page.

With AppAware, you make app discovery easier by knowing what apps are hot among your social networking contacts. To get into the latest app discovery experience, download AppAware for free from the Android Market today.