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AOL re-releases with an emphasis on mobile browser gaming

Now that the market is filled with smartphones and tablets, AOL has given a makeover. It now includes over 5000 free video games that gamers can play from the comfort of their mobile browser.
October 9, 2012
One small con about smart phones is that they all have their own application distribution. Android has the Play Store, Windows Phone has the Zune Marketplace, and Apple has the App Store. When an awesome game is released for one, the others can’t have it until the developer ports it to that operating system. AOL is looking to change all that with a revamp of is already a pretty interesting story. It used to be owned by Infogrames. When money got tight, AOL bought the website. Since then it marched straight into obscurity and stayed there. It’s a shame because is one of those domain names most gaming companies wish they had.

There are big plans for, though. AOL has received help from a number of notable video game developers, including Big Fish Games, GameHouse, and Iplay to make all about mobile gaming. Unlike the gaming paradigm set in place now, which involves downloading an application,’s new focus will be to utilize HTML5 to let gamers play games in their mobile browsers.

How is AOL going to make this work?

Essentially, it would be like many websites do now for computers. You’d go to the website, start playing a game, make it full screen, and enjoy yourself. It’s pretty exciting because there are always issues with things like compatibility and a mobile browser experience transcends that. If it were to catch on, video game developers would only have to create one game and make sure it works on one platform.

As of now, it is being reported the site has relaunched with over 5,000 free titles. All of which are ready for mobile gaming. With the aforementioned help from developers, that number is likely to rise pretty quickly as well. For now the collection is mostly puzzle games, card games, and other simple genres. However, as the brand grows, you can expect better games to be released.

With a little luck, this could end up being the of mobile gaming. That would be very cool. Is anyone going to be making use of the new Let us know how if you liked it.