android roms

AOKP is one of the big name ROMs out there, and many were disappointed that they decided to start afresh when Android 4.2 was released. Now, however, they have already rolled out a few builds based on 4.2 and they seem to be getting back in their stride. AOKP Build 3 is available as of today, containing all the usual bug fixes and bringing many new features into the arena. Among the new things, we can count a UI mode selector that lets you switch between phone mode and tablet mode, and customizable transparency for UI elements.

The new devices that have been added with this build are the Acer Iconia Tab A510, the T-Mobile Galaxy S2, and the Galaxy Note 2 LTE. Build 3 for the Exynos and OMAP-based international Galaxy S2 will be available tomorrow instead of today, due to some build issues. As always, it’s recommended you update your recovery before flashing, and do a full wipe just to be on the safe side. Oh, and you don’t like full wiping every once in a while? That’s what Titanium Backup is for.