After a long period of relative silence the AOKP team has released the first 4.3 milestone build of its custom Android ROM for all supported devices.

AOKP is a custom Android ROM (like Cyanogenmod) that specifically targets high-end Android devices. The milestone release means the team is close to putting the finishing touches on the final version of its ROM that uses the open source code of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean as its base. There are still some bugs in the release, but it should be stable enough for use on a daily driver for those who don’t mind a hiccup or two.

Some of the unique features of AOKP include a system-wide navigation ribbon that users can access with a simple swipe and five custom apps in the navigation ring that’s normally reserved for Google Now. The ROM also lets users customize system toggles and create their own vibration patterns.

In the blog post announcing the milestone release the team tried to get rid of any rumors of internal turmoil, saying the rumors came as a surprise to the team.

The team also assured everyone that they are working on a version of AOKP based on Android 4.4 KitKat. That release is coming “soonish.” When ti does come out it AOKP 4.4 will “probably” support the Galaxy Nexus, which Google won’t release KitKat for. “Probably” is at least better than Google’s straight “no.”

Have you tried AOKP before? Or do you prefer a different custom ROM?