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DashClock receives support for notifications from any app thanks to AnyDash

Anydash is an extension to the popular DashClock widget, which enabled notifications from any app to be view on your lockscreen.
February 19, 2013
AnyDash app

If you’re as much of a fan of customizing your smartphone home screens as I am, then you’ll probably already have heard of DashClock. Dashclock is a widget which allows you do display important information, like the weather, missed calls, or calendar appointments, along side your clock on the same widget. It’s also has a reasonably customizable appearance, allowing you to arrange the date and time in whatever way you think it looks best.

Anydash is an extension to the DashClock widget, which enabled notifications from any app to be added. For example you can have Anydash display your most recent activity on Skype alongside your unread SMS messages without the need for individual widgets, which makes it pretty much perfect for your lockscreen.

I’m currently using DashClock with the AnyDash extension on my lockscreen and, despite the fact that it’s still a work in progress, it’s working very nicely. If you have an unread message, clicking on the widget will take you to your SMS app as you’d expect, and the same applies for most of the notifications.

Sadly I found that Skype doesn’t appear to work correctly; it will display the notifications but won’t automatically open up the app for you. But that’s not a huge problem. Some users are reporting that other applications aren’t quite working as intended either, but with regular updates these bugs should be fixed up in no time.

You can current add up to three AnyDash extensions to your DashClock widget, and can customize their icons as well if you want them to fit with your theme.

If you’re interested, AnyDash if available for free on the Google Play Store. Don’t forget that you’ll need to have DashClock installed as well.