Cal for Android

Any.DO’s Cal is now available for Android, bringing a better calendar experience with tight to-do list integration to all users.

The new Cal app from Any.DO aims to make the calendar on your phone smarter by integrating social networks and third-party apps. The app lets you  see who is attached to every event or appointment on their calendar so they can call or message them with any new information without leaving the app. When it comes time for your appointment, Cal will tell you how to get there on Google Maps, or let you schedule an Uber pickup right from the app.

android-cal-gif-890kCal for Android is also allegedly easier to get around than most default calendar apps. The app lets you add new appointments with a single tap or with your voice. Swiping makes it easy to switch between days and appointments. The appointment view uses the card layout similar to Google Now that makes it easy to read all the different information on screen. It also has the added benefit of looking cleaner than most other calendar apps, though some may not like the aesthetic.

Switching over to Cal should be easy as the app can sync with many popular cloud calendar services including Google Calendar, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, and even Apple’s iCloud.

While Any.DO Cal is new for Android, the app was already available for iPhone users for quite some time, where we were able to use the app before today’s release. Any.DO makes up for that time difference by adding a number of new features to the Android version of the app. Cal for Android has tighter integration with the Any.DO to-do app, can sync to Google Calendar in real-time, and has a landscape mode. Of course, the app also has a homescreen widget so you can view your calendar without even opening the app.


Cal for Android is available for free in the Google Play Store.

Are you interested in switching your calendar over to Cal?