Before the arrival of Ice Cream Sandwich later this year, Google surprised everyone with Android 3.2, reported as the last version of Honeycomb to hit the stores.

Mediapad, a 7-inch tablet manufactured by the Chinese company Huawei got the honors of being the first device to be powered by Android 3.2. What’s more surprising is that Android 3.2 apparently can support such screen size and a Qualcomm chip, whereas before this release, only NVIDIA’s Tegra and 10.1-inch screens can carry Honeycomb. There is also looming excitement for HTC Flyer users, as this increases the chances of having Android 3.2 on the Android 2.3-run 7-inch tablet. Motorola Xoom also announced that their devices will carry Android 3.2 in the coming weeks, while more Android 3.2 devices are rumored to be out on August.

The Android 3.2 release is pretty much impressive, considering that its predecessor Android 3.1 was released a little more than a month ago. Not only that the recent version can support more devices, it also includes fixes for bugs, improvement of hardware speed, and updated versions of Movie Studio, Movies, Music, and widgets.

After August, devices carrying Ice Cream Sandwich are expected to be released, as there is much anticipation with the Android platform that will update Gingerbread and Honeycomb and bring them together in a single platform. The release of ICS is already set, unless Google itself will delay it until 2012. To top it all, ICS may not be released yet, but rumor has it that the next Android recipe is on the works, reported with a codename close to a popular jelly product.

via androidandme