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Ant Raid launches on Google Play for just 99c

The popular iOS game Ant Raid has recently been released on Google Play. Ant Raid is a strategy game which pits you against invading mutant insects, as you attempt to defend your colony. To celebrate the release, HeroCraft is selling the game for just 99c.
December 28, 2012
ant raid

The popular iOS game Ant Raid has just been released on Google Play. As part of the launch the developers are offering a discount for early buyers: you can pick up the game for just 99c!

Ant Raid is a strategy game which pits you against invading mutant insects. You must defend your colony from these various threats by directing your ant minions into battle. There’s a little story to go along with the main game, accompanied by some wonderful 3D graphics and a very unique art style, which helps keep you glued to your screen in between sending waves of ants to their deaths.

For a game with such a simple premise, there is definitely a difficulty curve. Some of the later missions are pretty tricky, as you try to balance your army placement and power-ups against the bigger threats. Fortunately the touch controls are very intuitive; although selecting ants on smaller devices can be a little tricky.

The game also features a multiplayer mode, where you can challenge your friends at one of four different survival modes. In this game mode you face off against wave after wave of mutant insects, with the only goal being to find out who can survive the longest.

If all this content doesn’t sway you over, HeroCraft has put together a nice trailer as well.

The game was incredibly well received over on iOS devices, with a Metacritic score above 90, so 99c seems like an absolute steal. Head on over to Google Play if you fancy a copy.