Beyond legal wars, patent ambiguities, software workarounds and sales bans, the Android vs Apple war fortunately has a humorous side, too. I know you all remember the hilarious “Shit Apple Fanatics Say” videos, followed soon after by a slightly less amusing “Shit Android Fanatics Say” clip.

Now a third video has gone live on YouTube, and, although it doesn’t stray very much from the familiar path, it seems to ring true at least just as much as the first two. Unfortunately for our egos, Android enthusiasts are again those targeted. Let’s see what does the new Android fanatic in the mockumentary-style video has to brag about.

There’s full reception everywhere, widgets, ROMs, NFC, “best camera phone ever”, big screens, rooting, “it’s not copying if it’s better”, custom-eyez-able, specs, and… widgets. Oh, and the standard microUSB cables. And the widgets. Did I mention widgets…?

I don’t know about you, but I counted at least 10 or 12 things I normally use as arguments when comparing my Android devices with my friends’ iPhones or iPads. Well played, gentlemen, well played!

Now the clip is a bit over the top here and there (we don’t hate Steve Jobs that much, especially now that his rapping career has taken off), but you can’t say it doesn’t have its hilarious and even genius moments. Even the magazine is twice the price? Brilliant!

What do you think about the new video? Is it funnier than the first three? Do you recognize yourself in the “Bleughuegh” guy? And most importantly, who’s up for defending our honor? I mean, it’s not like you can’t come up with some fresh new material to poke fun at Apple…