Image via recombu

Image via recombu

In a very interesting article over at, Michaël Chaize has continued past work bench-marking and comparing Flash 10.1 with HTML 5. On the PC, Flash out performs HTML 5 in all animation tasks, although HTML 5 is pretty good for basic animations. For us Android lovers, the real question is not how well Flash 10.1 does vs HTML 5 on the desktop, but how well they compare when run on Android. Take the Nexus One for example, it is very important for Android based developers to understand the benefits of Flash 10.1 vs HTML 5 and vice versa when programming games and software for our beloved devices.

“What you’ll find is that on PCs, Flash Player is faster than HTML5, and that HTML5 is not that bad for basic animations. I wanted to add more information to this benchmark, testing the Flash Player 10.1 on my MAC, and on my Google Phone (Nexus One). I obtain the same experience. Flash Player is much faster, specially with a basic shadow filter…” Michaël Chaize

It turn out then, that Flash is still the better of the two even on the Nexus One. We can only assume that this will hold true for devices running a similar hardware configuration and indeed the same version of Android. A really interesting question would be how this performance ratio changes when the hardware behind the Android device becomes less powerful. Could we expect HTML 5 to begin to catch Flash 10.1 up? Again, this is another serious concern for Android developers and one which we hope they will take notice of. A video of the work is after the jump.

Comparison of performance of Flash Player 10.1 and HTML 5 on Mobile Devices from michael chaize on Vimeo.

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