Last week saw the release of a new entry into the Android tablet market, Haier’s HaiPad. It isn’t exactly new but rather the latest implementation of the Chinese appliance manufacturer’s offering. It isn’t exactly that groundbreaking, with its most groundbreaking feature being a unique Android theme from the guys at DianXin OS.

The company plans to have the new HaiPad hit store shelves in August. The specs, although nothing to sneeze at, are not exactly turning heads. Packing a rather small 7-inch touchscreen, it is backed by a Samsung 1GHz CPU, a couple of cameras, connects via W-CDMA 3G and runs on the somewhat outdated Android 2.2.

Right now, it seems that there are no plans to upgrade it to the latest version of Android. Version 2.2 may as well be the highest it can go considering the specs, with DianXin-made theme enabling quite a few enhancements that you won’t fin in vanilla Android. These improvements remind users of iOS, such as being able to drag together to make a folder with a gesture.

Haier seems to be emphasizing the tablet’s focus on browsing social media and streaming movies, with games taking a bad seat. This is going to be expected to considering the less-than-stellar specs. Another downside that prospective buyers should know about it is the lack of access to the Android Market. Haier has decided to run its own app store, which is a rather sub-optimal choice. Android’s access to a variety of good apps has always been one of its trump cards against other tablet operating system.

Haier made no announcement on the price, but expect a cheap price tag aimed at the mass market.

Source: Penn Olson