It seems like everyday there is another manufacturer shaking things up in the world of Android tablets. Yesterday, my socks were blown off by the news that the Galaxy Tab 7″ WIFI is launching within a few days at $350. Now, I wake up to find another deal that makes me question how low the prices can go. Acer, famous maker of sexy netbooks, and recently, the second place holder in slinging the most PC’s in the world, has put a sale price of only $449.99 on there Acer Iconia A500 WIFI through Best Buys online site. That’s enough of an undercutting of the $499 price tag on the 8.6mm thick Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ that I start to wonder if I really need to have the thinnest tablet in the world… Now all of a sudden having a normal 13mm tablet sounds just fine to me. Just take a look at this bad boys specs to the right.

Deciphering a specs list is always fun, but let me point out the most useful and awesome specs here. USB 2.0 host port, which is awesome to have, for plugging in thumb drives or USB keyboards for some decent content creation. Plus, the Acer Iconia A500 has Android 3.0 Honeycomb, which is a big improvement over when this tablet was announced, when was running 2.2, so it is nice to see it have 3.0 out of the box. Plus, it’s got a Tegra2 1.0 Ghz Dual Core, and 1 Gb RAM, which are both must haves. Something that we often take for granted that I’m happy to see on this specs list is also a “wide viewing angle” on the screen. My current tablet, an Archos, has a pretty limited viewing angle and it didn’t bother me at first, but it certainly does now.

So, with another aggressively priced tablet that spares no expense hitting the market soon, I’m so torn on what I want to do. Should I sell my Archos and buy a Galaxy Tab 7″ for $350 only to want another 10″ tablet later? Or I could nuy an Acer Iconia 10″ for $450 that’s normal thickness but gives the option of a full size USB? Or, I should I go after style in the Galaxy Tab 10″ with its $499 8.6mm thickness? I’m not so sure I want to go through all the steps of selling what I have to just have a 7″ Galaxy Tab when the wait is only a few weeks with the possibility of two months to have something better? Unfortunately, looking at the offerings coming soon, like the Xoom WIFI 32Gb at $599, is growing a bit more difficult unless they release a cheaper 16Gb model.

What are you guys going to do? Galaxy Tab 7″ for $350? Acer Iconia A500 10″ for $450? or Galaxy Tab 10″ for $499? Or perhaps the Xoom for $599?

Best Buy has just opened preorders online today, and in-store preorders will start soon, on April 14th. The device itself will launch on April 24. Pricing starts at a very reasonable $449.99, while great accessories such as a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard, a protective case, a dock with an IR remote, and a power adapter set with four connectors are an extra $30 to $70.

Via: Best Buy

Darryl Doak
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