Anomaly Korea

Get two tower defense games for the price of one! Developer 11 bit studios is celebrating “Anomaly Promo Week,” reducing the prices of Android games Anomaly Warzone Earth HD and its sequel, Anomaly Korea, to half for one week. Both games have a normal price at $4, which means that each game only costs merely $2 until Friday.

If the affordable price is not convincing enough, then perhaps the universal acclaim across multiple reviews (many of which praise the visually-stunning graphics and the superb gameplay) can persuade you to buy and download them now.


They aren’t the normal games in the tower defense genre either; instead of building a good defense against invading forces, the players actually take the offensive role.  That technically means they are tower offense games. Both games have players pitted against the near-impregnable base of an alien horde that is guarded by forbidding towers, although the sequel is set in Korea. Players must make use of strategies on how to utilize their heavily armored squads and whatever special weapons that are available.

Grab them now while the promo lasts! But first, remember to free up hundreds of megabytes of space since these games are quite big.

Conan Hughes
Contributor at Android Authority covering all things Android.