The deals page for an Amazon promotion of Anker products.

Since we all use our smartphones for pretty much everything, we invariably need multiple ways to keep them charged up. Luckily, today is a great day to stock up on charging accessories over at, which is running a Deal of the Day sale on several Anker products.

The sale covers Anker products in a bunch of categories, including USB cables, wireless charging pads, A/C wall units, and even power banks. If you need a device to charge up your new smartphone, chances are good this sale has at least one thing you’re looking for.

Since this is an Amazon Deal of the Day, the sale prices will only be active for about the next 15 hours. We strongly advise taking advantage of these deals sooner than that though, just in case some of these products go out of stock before the deal is up!

Here are quick links to the ten Anker products on sale:

If you want to shop around a bit, click the button below to see all the Anker deals. Happy shopping (and happy charging)!

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